3rd Transition Coach Course

Last week we successfully completed the third transition coach course. Again we met each other for a week at the Conference Hotel Das-Schmöckwitz. All the participants coming from The Netherlands, Cyprus and Germany got insights in non-directive coaching, holism, transactional

2nd Transition Coach Course

Last week we successfully completed the second transition coach course. Again we met each other for a week at the SBH Conference Hotel Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz. All the participants coming from The Netherlands, Estonia, Cyprus and Germany got insights in non-directive

Developing INTENSE Evaluation

Forming evaluation groups: Staff group evaluation: a small group from INTENSE staff. Between three to six members. Functions: answers questionnaires and give their opinions about information from evaluation and evaluation reports. Expert panel: a group consisting of a representative from

Key Evaluation Questions KEYQ

They are questions of interest to the program designers and stakeholders in general. In INTENSE, these questions were proposed by partners. Some of them were proposed by the evaluation team using general questions who are common in program evaluations. KEQ’s

4th Partner Meeting

We are looking back on a very productive partner meeting in (again) Cyprus. Now we are heading for successful implementation, two further transition coach courses and an evaluation. We released all content relating to the development of the INTENSE approach

Theory of Change

In Wikipedia you see that a theory of change (ToC) “… explains the process of change by outlining causal linkages in an initiative, i.e., its shorter-term, intermediate, and longer-term outcomes. The identified changes are mapped – as the “outcomes pathway”

Making the evaluation ready

Preparing an evaluation involves: Knowing the program change theory (aka causal chain). Determining the Key Evaluation Questions. To set forth indicators (data indicators).

Transition Guide #OER

While starting a new phase in our project, we are focused on the transition process. We offer for partners, stakeholders external interrested institutions a guide /framework that explains the meaning of transition in the context of integrating NEETs. Get one

Download Training Programme

The project consortium released the first extensive output. We developed a training programme for a 5 day course. The aim is to deliver a tool to all interested parties who wants to implement the INTENSE idea in their daily coach-client

open educational resources

All material we already composed, collected, assembled and implemented in site’s Learning Management System (LMS) will be revised in the near future. The thought behind is that we have to make open educational ressources (OER) out of it. This way

Follow us on twitter

We decided to expand our social media activities with a twitter account. Feel free to follow us on  

First Transition Coach Course – impressed participants

For a week, 13 participants from various organizations in the Netherlands, Turkey, Cyprus, Estonia and Germany completed the first Transition Coach Courseat the SBH Conference Hotel Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz. Especially the already coaching-experienced participants were impressed by the non-directive interviewing technique.

Transition Coach Course

We are heading for our first Transition Coach Course. The course will take place from 28 May until 1 June in ABS Schmöckwitz.  All participants are invited to log in our learnig management system in order to prepare with background

Evaluation already started

What is evaluation? It is a process of gathering periodical data from a system in order to support decision making. What is program evaluation? It is an evaluation process about a program, policy, project, or similar in order to know

We are on youtube now

We did the next step forward and signed for a youtube channel. There are you will find video presentations that will inform about the coaching tools and the backgrounds. We will use the channel to offer the presentations everybody who

Online Course

The project consortium is currently engaged to set up an online course as a preparation for the residential trainer courses. This online course will follow the defined overarching principles of transition management and changing the mindset. The course will deliver

Project Charter

We agreed about designing a Project Charter as a core output of INTENSE for all interested parties. In the Charter we assemble all necessary aspects that are need to be considered by implementing the integrated approach. There you can find

Productive 3rd Partner Meeting

In our 3rd Partner Meeting from 6th to 9th November 2017 the consortium did a great progress. The improvements are done in the following aspects: creating a training program for transition coaches setup of a digital learning environment creating a

Quality management

After the introduction of a new approach in education (INTENSE) has proved to be effective, delivering results that are better compared with previous methods, the new approach must be guaranteed in the future. Therefore every project that intends to change

Relationship with stakeholders

An important part of INTENSE is the role of stakeholders. First a description of a stakeholder in education: “In education, the term stakeholder typically refers to anyone who is invested in the welfare and success of a school and its