Forming evaluation groups:

  • Staff group evaluation: a small group from INTENSE staff. Between three to six members. Functions: answers questionnaires and give their opinions about information from evaluation and evaluation reports.
  • Expert panel: a group consisting of a representative from each partner and someone from outside the project.

Send questionnaires to the staff group:

  • Staff questionnaire: a questionnaire with Key Questions that will be analyzed and integrated on the data integration moment.
  • Staff questionnaire for the expert panel: a group of Key Questions that will be sent to the panel experts.

Delphi process. Developing a Delphi strategy on two waves:

  • Information from a document done from “staff questionnaire for the panel” and INTENSE documents information will be evaluated on the first wage by the panel.
  • A second integrated report from the first wave will be done. Then it will be sent to the panel to receive a second evaluation. This is the second wave.

Finally, a third integrated report is written for next step.

Data integration. All data results from questionnaires, and contextual information is analyzed by the evaluation team developing a Focus Group strategy. Data are from:

  • Panel experts.
  • Staff team.
  • Delphi strategy.
  • Attendee courses questionnaire.
  • INTENSE documents.
  • Contextual information.
  • partner’s theory of change
  • partner’s internal and external communication plan
  • diaries of the Transistion Coaches incl. comments
Developing INTENSE Evaluation