We agreed about designing a Project Charter as a core output of INTENSE for all interested parties. In the Charter we assemble all necessary aspects that are need to be considered by implementing the integrated approach. There you can find

  • General information about the background of INTENSE and the starting point – the target group and their indicators to be developed
  • Core intervention methods according to humanistic psychology, holism and systemic approaches
  • Aspects about a methodology regarding the central idea of transition management
  • Aspects and ideas to implement stakeholders
  • Quality management aspects
  • Explanation about the training program for transition coaches with references to the program (annex) and the leaning management system (e-learning resource)
  • The evaluation methods and the results (annex)

The next steps in our work are

  • Finalise the guide and publish it on the website
  • Finalise the program and the content in the E-learning resource – first in English language
  • Evaluate the program and content
  • Register / develop the training program as accredited course through the University of Malaga
  • Conduct the course in May 2018
  • Start Output 4 in June 2018

During the output 4 phase we will run 2 more courses for interested coaches from partner’s direct working cooperation. Furthermore the e-learning resource will be translated in all partner languages.

Project Charter