INTENSE is based on a holistic vision.  The words ‘holism’ and ‘holistic’ come from the Greek word “holos” that means “completely”. Within the holistic vision man is seen as a unity of body and mind. This unit has physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects that are in continuous interaction with each other. Holism is related to complexity. In general, it is assumed

that, when there is a complexity of many individual components a variety of forms of interaction is shown, and this complexity is, in any case, related to the total number of components. Each of the features is of course characterized by the constituent parts, but also (and perhaps more) by the coherence or arrangement of those parts and their interaction. Holism is also the name given to the belief of which the essence is that everything is inextricably linked. A holist sees himself constantly as part of the whole and considers the other (human, animal, plant or object) as the other me.

Holism stands against atomism. While atomism society perceives as consisting of purely individuals, holism sees society as made up of more than the sum of individuals.

In the INTENSE project a NEET, being a client is seen as a complex individual with many psychological, physical, spiritual and social influences.

Holistic vision