One important principle that is worth to follow in context of transition management in organisations is the TCI as a concept for:

  • Working with groups and teams
  • especially for counseling and coaching clients but also
  • directing institutions and their employees

The goal of TCI is to facilitate the interaction between tasks and individuals in order to encourage the development of factual, social and self-competence.

It is appropriate for all areas in which people need to work together successfully in all kinds of teams and groups. TCI is in particular helpful for people, who desire to use it to re-structure their personal lives. Therefor TCI is one of the most widely used methods in the areas of Humanistic Psychology and of Education.

Every group is defined by four factors: I (the individual), WE (the group interaction), IT (the task) and the GLOBE (context).

The triangle itself is placed in a circle, symbolizing the GLOBE, that is the

  • organizational,
  • physical,
  • structural,
  • social,
  • political,
  • ecological surroundings,

in a narrow and wider sense, which condition and influence the teamwork of the group, and which in turn are influenced by the work of the group. The globe can create disturbances and it can upset dynamical balance, shifting weight to one corner of the triangle. Thus, one must always be conscious of the globe and the constraints it produces and take it into account

Appreciation and support of equilibrium among the I-We-It-factors in context represents the basis of the TCI group work.

Theme centred interaction