Quality management

After the introduction of a new approach in education (INTENSE) has proved to be effective, delivering results that are better compared with previous methods, the new approach must be guaranteed in the future. Therefore every project that intends to change

Relationship with stakeholders

An important part of INTENSE is the role of stakeholders. First a description of a stakeholder in education: “In education, the term stakeholder typically refers to anyone who is invested in the welfare and success of a school and its

Theme centred interaction

One important principle that is worth to follow in context of transition management in organisations is the TCI as a concept for: Working with groups and teams especially for counseling and coaching clients but also directing institutions and their employees

Transition management

The intention is to eventually phase out the development of the frames for the client-centred educational concept, in which strategic, quality controlling, organizational and social-cultural problems must be discussed. All requirements which need to be discussed in relation to the

Output 2

In this output it is about the main idea of transition management. We focus on all transitions between the single stages of development and constitute the frame for the client-centred educational concept. In this concept, strategic, quality-controlling, organisational and social-cultural