In line with Eurofound 2015 (social inclusion of young people) and following the authors of this publication this project called INTENSE focuses on effective initiatives promoting the transition from school-to-work of young people belonging to the NEET category.

“Not in Education, Employment or Training.”

At this point a brief summary indicating the essence of the project “INTENSE” is useful:

“The project focuses on young people / students who are not in education, employment or training by approaching them client-focused from a holistic vision in a structured environment in which autonomy and self-responsibility is written in capitals. The accompanying coach is prepared for this task and new approach through intensive training. The project is always evaluated on a scientific basis and the results of the first two years are implemented in the third year and tested for usability and effectiveness. To make a change possible stakeholders in the participating countries are intensively involved.”

Eurofound 2015 also discussed the effectiveness and implementation of Youth Guarantee. The authors recommend abandoning existing readymade approaches for the transition from school to work with young people. Their argument is:

“Concerning the implementation of the youth guarantee, the member states should refrain from choosing a close and employment-centred concept and decide on a more comprehensive and integral approach which aims at reaching those who are unemployable and more difficult to integrate.”

The partners of INTENSE agree with this statement as the basis for their project and are planning to develop, test and evaluate another, different educational concept for the NEET’s group. This concept is composed of three dimensions:

A    Compensation
B    Prevention
C    Structure



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