One of the major tasks in INTENSE that very close linked to the concept of changing the mindset is the self-exploration. Self-exploration means looking at your own thoughts, feelings, behaviours and motivations and asking why. It is looking for the

Changing the mindset

The project INTENSE focuses on changing the mindset of the client. The changing of the client is self-evident, but the thinking and acting of coaches must also develop within the framework of the new approach. This actually applies to everyone

Humanistic psychology

A second important concept in the INTENSE project, reflected in the preamble, is Humanistic Psychology. The movement was i.a. founded by Abraham H. Maslow and Carl R. Rogers and was a reaction to behaviourism and psychoanalysis. The humanistic school in

Holistic vision

INTENSE is based on a holistic vision.  The words ‘holism’ and ‘holistic’ come from the Greek word “holos” that means “completely”. Within the holistic vision man is seen as a unity of body and mind. This unit has physical, mental,

Output 1

The objective in O1 is the development of an integral approach which puts the client in the centre of considerations and combines sound research methods, social forms and coaching procedures. Thereby, a principle  which synchronously adapts the support to the